The Faculty-Staff Campaign would not be a success without the help of these passionate Terps.

Become a Volunteer

Department First Name Last Name
AGNR-Animal & Avian Sciences Sandra Nola
AGNR-Institute of Applied Agriculture Randie Hovatter
AGNR-Plant Science & Landscape Architecture Michelle Neff
AGNR-UME-Associate Director Constance Boone
ANGR-VA MD Vet Med Bonnie White
ARHU-American Studies Julia John
ARHU-Art History & Archaeology Carrie Blevins
ARHU-Classics Patricia Rhodes-Kelly
ARHU-Communications TC Anthony
ARHU-Linguistics Kimberly Kwok
ARHU-MD Institute for Technology in the Humanities Purdom Lindblad
ARHU-National Foreign Language Center Tavia Mcroy
ARHU-Philosophy Louise Gilman
ARHU-TDPS Camilla Schlegel
BMGT-Dean-Development Sarah Conboy
BSOS-Criminology & Criminal Justice Lauren Grant
BSOS-Development Joe Azzarello
BSOS-Government & Politics Denise Wist
BSOS-Psychology Hannah Griffith
CMNS-Astronomy Barbara Hansborough
CMNS-Biology KeCia Harper
CMNS-Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics Molly Burke
CMNS-Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics Sharon Fabricante
CMNS-Chemistry & Biochemistry Cathy Fisanich
CMNS-Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center Yolande Ridore
CMNS-Entomology Joshua Kinder
CMNS-Geology Michelle Montero
CMNS-Inst for Physical Science & Technology Teri Schuler
CMNS-Inst for Research in Electronics & Applied Physics Taylor Prendergast
CMNS-National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center Charlene Brooks
Department First Name Last Name
DIT-EE-Business Services Support Elena Franzoi
EDUC-Human Development and Quantitative Methodolgy Cornelia Snowden
ENGR-A. James Clark School of Engineering Larniece Brown
ENGR-Aerospace Engineering Jessica Trotta
ENGR-Civil & Environmental Engineering Imisi Agbaniyaka
ENGR-Dean-Coop Engr Educ & Career Svcs Temi Fakinlede
ENGR-Engineering Information Technology Gabrielle Barnhart
ENGR-Fire Protection Engineering Christine O'Brien
ENGR-Fischell Department of Bioengineering Teresa Moore
ENGR-Institute for Systems Research Alexis Jenkins
ENGR-Materials Science & Engineerin Sherri Tatum
ENGR-Mechanical Engineering Mary Collins Baugher
EXST-Office of Extended Studies Jamie Fry
INFO-College of Information Studies Emily Dacquisto
JOUR-Philip Merrill College of Journalism Kayla Newton
LIBR-Libraries Melanie Carroll
PLCY-School of Public Policy Meghan Reilly Herington
PLCY-School of Public Policy Aria Connor
PRES-ICA-Director's Office/Admin Jenna Sollberger
PRES-Office of Civil Rights & Sexual Misconduct Paula Barriga Sanchez
Research-UR Christa Traeger
SVPAAP-Center for Leadership & Organizational Change Adrienne Hamcke Wicker
SVPAAP-EM-Strategic Planning & Communications Rachel Hess
SVPAAP-Nyumburu Anne Carswell
SVPAAP-Office of the Registrar Selika Clark
SVPAAP-Sr VP Academic Affairs & Provost Rhonda Smith
University of Maryland Counseling Center Carolina Ethridge
UR-DEV Sarah Davis
USG-Shady Grove Center Cheryl Green
VPAF-Bus Serv-Administration Maureen Weiss
VPAF-Comptroller-Administration Trinette Young
VPAF-Environmental Safety Kate Cavanaugh
VPAF-FM-AVP Human Resources Jeanette Payne
VPAF-Office of Community Engagement
Gloria Blackwell
VPAF-Procur & Supply-Director's Office Jason Winings
VPAF-Public Safey Elaine Limansky
VPR-Sponsored Programs Accounting and Compliance Laura Salers
VPR-VP Research Danica Lovelace
VPSA-Conferences & Visitor Services Leif Corbett
VPSA-Dining Services Tanika Manley
VPSA-Golf-Course-Golf Jeff Damron
VPSA-Res Facilities-Administrative Services Sharon Dawes
VPSA-Res Facilities-Director's Office Cindy Felice
VPSA-RL-Director Salary/L&A Sylvia Thomas
VPSA-Stamp Union-Administration Marie Jenkins
VPSA-Transportation Services Colleen Thompson-Bynum
VPSA-UHC-University Health Center Marilyn McDonald
VPSA-University Career Center Erin Brault
VPSA-University Recreation & Wellness Earl Cabellon
VPSA-VP Student Affairs Michael Paszkiewicz
VPUR-Development Kristy McDermott
VPUR-Development Alex Taliaferro
VPUR-Development Erica Anderson
VPUR-Development Diana Forbus
VPUR-Development Mary Dulaney
VPUR-Development Alesha Garvin
VPUR-Development Greg Schofer
VPUR-Financial Management Mackenzie Graham
VPUR-Student Affairs John
VPUR-Univ Alumni Association Angela Dimopoulos
VPUR-Univ Communicat-Marketing Amanda Townsend
VPUR-VP University Relations Jenn Kratz

Contact us at facultystaff@umd.edu or 301-405-5976 for more information about giving or to volunteer.